9th July 2020
  • 9th July 2020

Articles Posted by Jacek Domański

Chinese UCAVs over Serbia

by on 9th July 2020 0

On Saturday, 4th July 2020, the Serbian Armed Forces officially presented their latest acquisition – a six of CH-92A Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, recently bought from Chinese manufacturer. The official introduction of new Serbian military equipment was organized in Batajnica, with participation of President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar […]

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LZ 62 / Zeppelin ´L 30´

by on 7th July 2020 0

Port-side nacelle from Zeppelin ´L 30´ (factory number LZ 62), exhibited at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History, Brussels (September 2016). Among the many aviation pioneers, Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin is the man who was inseparably connected with the history and development of airships. Count Zeppelin is usually […]

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National stage of ´Aviadarts-2020´ launched

by on 4th July 2020 0

International Contest ´Aviadarts-2020´ took the next step, as the national stage of live-fly exercise was launched this week in the Ryazan area. Before entering the live-fly phase of the contest, the crews had to complete the first step, called ´Physical training´ (Физическая  подготовка) and consists of several exercises on speed, agility, coordination and strength. This […]

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Farman MF.11A-2

by on 1st July 2020 0

Maurice Farman MF.11A-2, exhibited at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History in Brussels, Belgium (September 2016) The Farman brothers – Maurice, Richard and Henri – played an important role in the early aviation years. Impressed by the new inventions and technologies of the 1890s, they took advantage of the opportunity which […]

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Hol´s der Teufel (replica)

by on 23rd June 2020 0

A replica of Jacobs – Lippisch ´Hol´s der Teufel´ glider designed in 1928, performing the flying display at Den ve vzduchu 2016 air show, Plasy (Czech Republic). In 1928, Alexander Lippisch and Hans Jacobs, two German pioneer aviation designers, built a glider named ´Hol´s der Teufel´. It was the second glider designed by Lippisch and […]

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The first civilian Mi-8AMT Arctic helicopter

by on 19th June 2020 0

Russian Helicopters holding company (part of Rostec State Corporation) started serial production of Mi-8AMT Arctic helicopters for civilian customers. The company recently issued a press release stating that the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant already completed the first rotorcraft, which is now ready for operation. Mi-8AMT in its Arctic version already completed the test flight programme and […]

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Mil Mi-4B

by on 16th June 2020 0

Mil Mi-4B ´2143´ (NATO reporting name ´Hound´), formerly Czechoslovak Air Force, exhibited in Kbely Aviation Museum (Letecké muzeum Kbely) Prague, Czech Republic. The Korean War (1950-1953) is sometimes called ´the first helicopter war´, due to the first significant operational use of several types of rotorcraft within the battle zones. Following post-war analysis carried out in […]

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