I. General terms

Afterburner – The Aviation Magazine is the personal data controller (hereinafter: „Afterburner” or „Controller”). You may contact the Controller regarding personal data protection at our email. The Controller acts with regard to privacy of Users of the Afterburner.com.pl website (hereinafter: “Website”).

The present Privacy Policy serves as an information of the Users’ rights in scope of protection of their personal data as well as of legal basis, purposes and recipients of personal data in line with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter: “GDPR”).

The Controller undertakes actions in order to protect the Website Users’ privacy. For this purpose the Controller provides appropriate technical and organisational means assuring such protection.

II. Scope of personal data, purpose, legal basis and timeframe of processing of personal data

  1. The Controller collects and processes such personal data as: User’s nick, name, surname, age, IP address, e-mail address, localisation, language for appropriate time for following purposes:
  2. statistics and analyses in particular concerning the Users’ structure in order to adapt the Website and its contents to the Users’ preferences (art. 6 clause 1 (a) of GDPR);
  3. newsletter distribution (in case such service becomes available and in case the User consents to receiving newsletters) (art. 6 clause 1 (a) of GDPR);
  4. sending and posting comments (art. 6 clause 1 (a) of GDPR);
  5. controlling comments prior to their posting and their rejection without justification (art. 6 clause 1 (a) and (c) of GDPR);
  6. deleting comments violating law, vulgar, offensive or any others which in the Controller’s opinion are illegal, including contents that may infringe third party’s rights (including copyrights) (art. 6 clause 1 (a) and (c) of GDPR);
  7. receiving marketing and trade information related to products and services of entities co-operating with the Controller (art. 6 clause 1 (a) of GDPR), provided that the User consents to personal data processing for this purpose, for validity period of such consent;
  8. for technical, diagnostic, analytical, administrative purposes as well as for securing safety of the IT system, the IP addresses (art. 6 clause 1 (f) of GDPR) and cookies (art. 6 clause 1 (a) of GDPR) may also be collected.
  9. Personal data are collected and processed by the Controller within the legal framework, in particular in line with GDPR provisions, for indicated, legal purposes and are no subject to any further processing. Data are collected to the extent appropriate for the purposes of processing thereof.
  10. The Controller makes all reasonable effort to protect the Users’ personal data against unauthorised third parties’ access. The Controller shall not disclose any personal data of the Users to unauthorised recipients. The recipients of the Users’ personal data may include only entities authorised upon binding provisions of law.
  11. The Controller shall not disclose the Users’ personal data to any third countries or international or super-national organisations.
  12. The Controller shall keep the Users’ personal data for a period required for provision of services and until the consent for personal data processing has been withdrawn.
  13. Personal data disclosure by the User is voluntary, however non-disclosure of personal data (if such disclosure is necessary for certain services) may render provision of such service impossible.

III. Right to withdraw the consent:

  1. The User is entitled to withdraw their consent to proces their personal data at any time.
  2. Every User is entitled to access to the content of their personal data as well as to rectify, delete it or limit the scope of its processing by contacting the Controller at email address.
  3. Every User is entitled to object to processing of their personal data at any time, as well as to transfer the data to another entity by contacting the Controller at email address.
  4. In the event of violation of any legal provisions in particular those of GDPR while personal data processing, the User shall be entitled to file a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Authority.


IV. Automated processing:

  1. Personal data provided by the User shall be processed by the IT system in automatic way, i.e. without any human intervention.

V. Cookie Policy:

  1. The Controller hereby informs that the Website uses cookie technology. Cookie files are small text files which are saved on a User’s data terminal equipment and used to customise contents of the Service to the User’s preferences and to optimise the Service’s use. Cookies are also used to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow to understand in what way the User uses the Service, enabling to improve its structure and content, with exclusion of personal identification of the User.
  2. Cookie files contain set of different information about the User and their Service browsing history. It allows for identification of the User’s IP address and, for instance, browsing history prior to entering the Service. Moreover, the cookie files make it possible to identify kind of browser the User uses or to check for possible errors while displaying the Service. The data contained in cookie files are not attributable to particular User browsing the Service (Anonymous User) as it does not contain their name or surname, but only to the computer connected to the Internet on which cookies have been saved (IP address). Furthermore, this data is encrypted in a way which blocks the access from unauthorised persons.
  3. The Service uses cookie files for:
    1. statistics – enabling the Controller to know how do Users use the Service;
    2. adapting the contents of the Service to the User’s preferences by memorising the User’s choices;
    3. remarketing – allowing for identify certain patterns of activities and messages in order to enable the Controller’s prospect advertisements to reach the User;
    4. facilitating the use of the Service.
  4. The Controller uses certain types of cookie files:
    1. session cookies – temporary files kept on the User’s device only until logged-out from the browser; lack of consent to save cookie files of this kind may prevent the User from using certain functionalities of the Service;
    2. persistent cookies – kept on the User’s device for the time preset by the Controller or until the User deletes them.
  5. The Controller uses remarketing cookies enabling showing the Controller’s adverts on other websites within Google Inc. advertising network for 120 days from saving the remarketing cookie on the User’s device. This process is based on the User’s activity in the Service.
  6. Use of the remarketing cookies consists of:
    1. saving a cookie file in the User’s browser memory;
    2. saving the User’s preferences and choices made;
    3. showing Afterburner.com.pl adverts on other websites within Google Inc. network basing on saved data;
    4. showing Google Inc. network adverts on Afterburner.com.pl website;
    5. sharing data saved in cookie file on Afterburner.com.pl website with other entities in order to adapt preferences of the adverts within Google Inc. advertising network.
  7. Types of cookie files used by the Service:
    1. security cookies – for guaranteeing safety of authentication process;
    2. performance cookies – for collecting data on ways the Service is used;
    3. advertising cookies – for adopting the advert content to the User’s preferences;
    4. necessary cookies – for enabling the User to use the Service’s functionalities;
    5. functional cookies – for personalising the User’s interface.
  8. The cookies are saved on the User’s device upon the User’s consent. The browser’s software enables the User to customise the User’s preferences regarding to accept or decline saving the cookie files on the User’s device. Please note that the web browsers often randomly accept saving cookies in the memory of the User’s device.
  9. The User may customise the browser’s settings and accept the cookies or to delete the cookies previously saved on the User’s device at any time by cleaning browser’s data.
  10. The Controller hereby represents that limiting the scope of the cookies saved on the User’s device during the use of the Service may render the full use of the Service impossible.
  11. The cookie files have no adverse effect on the User’s device, nor on software installed, nor they intentionally affect the performance, functioning or configuration of the User’s device or software installed.
  12. The cookie files do not contain any data allowing for identification of the User and are encrypted so to prevent any unauthorised access thereto. Data collected via cookie files may be decrypted only by the Controller or by its partners who provide the Service’s technology.
  13. Remarketing cookies remain valid for 120 days from their saving.
  14. The User is entitled to decide on access to their device by cookie files (by choosing appropriate option in their browser) as well as on deletion of cookies from their device.
  15. The Service uses the cookie files from entities co-operating with the Service including cookies from Google Inc. group.

VI. Miscellanea

  1. To any issues not regulated herein relevant privacy and data protection provisions shall apply.
  2. The personal data are safeguarded against any unauthorised access. The Controller shall maintain continuous control over the safety of personal data. In case of any enquiries, remarks or issues related hereto, please contact the Controller via email address.
  3. Any amendments or alterations hereof shall be notified to the Users.
  4. The present Privacy Policy is valid from 8th April 2019.