Letter from the editor – March 2020

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Dear Readers, Followers and Friends of Afterburner – the Aviation Magazine, At the very beginning I must admit that postponing our monthly editorial letter for March was a purposeful action. I truly believed the news that started to arrive at the end of February were a bit exaggerated and the situation would calm down after

Photo of the week

Mil Mi-24V / Ми-24В

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Mil Mi-24V (for export purposes also designed as Mi-35) 7353 ´Night Tiger´ of Czech Air Force, performing the flying display at Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF), September 2012. The operational service of Mi-24 attack helicopters in then Czechoslovakia began in 1978, when the first Mi-24D helicopters entered service in 51st Helicopter Regiment in Prostějov. Finally,

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