26th October 2020
  • 26th October 2020

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16 Oct 1958

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Boeing 377 Stratocruiser of the Pan Am Flight 6, made an emergency landing in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The Pan Am Flight 6 (sometimes erroneously referred as Flight 943) was the multi-stopover airline passenger flight around the world, performed all the way by several different aircraft. The flight began with Douglas DC-6B that […]

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Eurocopter (Airbus) EC135 P2+

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Eurocopter EC135 P2+, SP-HXO – ´Ratownik 12´, Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (HEMS service in Poland), Płock 2019. The Eurocopter EC135 (now being manufactured by Airbus Helicopters as H135) is a twin-engine, light utility helicopter that made its first flight on 15th February 1994. EC135 serial production started next year and it became operational in 1996. Nevertheless, […]

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25 Sep 1903

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The Wright brothers arrived at Kitty Hawk, to perform the further flights with their 1902 Wright Glider. On 25 September 1903, the brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright came to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, to carry out further trials with their 1902 Wright Glider. Between 28th September and 12th November, they made over 200 flights improving […]

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11 Sep 1932

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Two famous Polish aviators Franciszek Żwirko and Stanisław Wigura died in a tragic crash of their RWD-6 aircraft on the way to Czechoslovakia. 88 years ago, on 11th September 1932, Franciszek Żwirko and Stanisław Wigura were on their way with the RWD-6 aeroplane to an aviation meeting in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately, they hit the storm. […]

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4 Sep 1936

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Louise Thaden became the first woman pilot that won the Bendix Trophy Race. Thaden, together with her co-pilot Blanche Noyes, was flying a Beechcraft C17R ´Staggerwing´, a single engine biplane. Flying at an average speed of 266.11 kph (165.35 mph), they took the route from Floyd Bennet Field, Brooklyn, New York to Mines Field in […]

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7 Aug 1997

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Space Shuttle ‘Discovery’ launched for the NASA STS-85 mission. The STS-85 mission has begun at 10:41:00 EDT, when ´Discovery´ crewed by astronauts – Commander Curtis L. Brown; Pilot Kent V. Rominger; Mission Specialists N. Jan Davis, Robert L. Curbeam, Jr., Stephen K. Robinson and Payload Specialist Bjarni V. Tryggvason left the famous Launch Pad 39A […]

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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM / МиГ-21УМ

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Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21UM (´Mongol-B´) ´9351´, Polish Air Force, exhibited at the static display during a joint event of the 10th anniversary of F-16 service in the Polish Air Force and the Polish Air Force Day, Krzesiny Air Base, 2016. MiG-21 (NATO reporting name Fishbed or Mongol – for training, two seat variants of the aeroplane) […]

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24 Jul 1969

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The first men who walked on the Moon, came back on Earth safely. It’s safe to say, that Apollo 11 is considered to be the most significant mission of the whole Apollo programme of NASA and the greatest achievement in human space exploration. It was the mission, that fulfilled the USA’s national goal to perform […]

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3 Jul 1933

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The first flight of Tupolev ANT-16 The Tupolev ANT-16, also known as TB-4 by its military designation, was a prototype of heavy bomber developer from Tupolev´s earlier bomber design, TB-3. The ANT-16 was built in the very beginning of 1930’s and followed an idea, that – with regards to the bomber aircraft – size, payload […]

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