10th October 2019
  • 10th October 2019

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Breitling Jet Team – the end of the story

by on 3rd October 2019 0
On 22nd September, the display performed at Festival Aérien Cervolix in France became the final conclusion of the 17-year-long activity of the Breitling Jet Team. As yet another consequence of Breitling´s exit from the aviation sponsorship, in July 2019 the Swiss watchmaker decided not to renew the sponsorship contract with Apache Aviation, the operator... Read More

Hawker Hurricane Mk. IV

by on 24th September 2019 0
Hawker Hurricane Mk. IV ´JV-N´ KZ321 – an iconic World War II aircraft photographed while performing an amazing low pass over the Kleine-Brogel airfield, during the spotter day on 14th September 2019. Hurricane Mk. IV was one of the final variants of the Hawker-manufactured fighter, produced between 1942 and 1944. At that time, Hurricane... Read More

Letter from the editor – September 2019

by on 23rd September 2019 0
Dear friends and followers! Autumn is already here, and this usually means the end of the air show season… In fact, the last weekend – with Athens Flying Week, Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show and Festa al Cel – closed the 2019 season in Europe. There are still a few aviation events scheduled... Read More

Letter from the editor – August 2019

by on 24th August 2019 0
Dear Readers and Friends of Afterburner – The Aviation Magazine, Step by step, we´re going the Afterburner way and soon it would be six months since the day our web page and aviation magazine started. As already mentioned in previous editorials, at the very beginning we had some concerns regarding if and how our... Read More

The participants list of 41st Sanicole International Airshow is almost completed

by on 19th August 2019 0
In addition to the two previous releases about the already confirmed participants of 41st Sanicole International Airshow and 8th Sanicole Sunset Airshow, here is the short information about a few other interesting aircraft worth seeing at Sanicole airfield in September. First of all, there is a Belgian air show premiere – CV-22 Osprey from... Read More

Russia wins the 2019 edition of ´Aviadarts´ International Contest

by on 17th August 2019 0
Forty-three crews from four countries participated in the 2019 edition of International Contest ´Aviadarts´ that was organized between 3rd and 17th August 2019 at Diaghilevo airfield, Ryazan region. An overall winner of the contest was the Russian Federation team, winning in four of seven categories. The second place went to China, and the third... Read More

Another step towards integration of the 5th generation – exercise Astral Knight 2019

by on 4th August 2019 0
Deepening the integration of the fifth generation F-35A Lightning II jets was one of the goals for the Astral Knight 2019 joint multinational exercise, that was organized late May and early June 2019, at Aviano Air Base, Italy, as well as other locations in Croatia, Germany, and Slovenia. The peak of the training missions... Read More

Letter from the editor – July 2019

by on 29th July 2019 0
Dear Friends, When we started our project few months ago, we were full of true enthusiasm, we were driven by adrenaline and sincere passion. On the other hand, we were also anxious whether Afterburner would gain a stable group of recipients and fans. However, those fears turned out groundless. Our webpage as well as... Read More

Kamov Ka-32 helicopters fighting with fire in Turkey

by on 25th July 2019 0
Russian Helicopters Holding Company has just delivered three Ka-32A-11BC multipurpose helicopters to Turkey. All of them will be used for firefighting purposes. In July 2018 contracts were signed with KAAN Air (Turkey) for delivery of three Ka-32A-11BC multipurpose helicopters and currently all three were handed over to the customer. The rotorcrafts were purchased primarily... Read More
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