2nd December 2020
  • 2nd December 2020

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McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantom II

by on 1st December 2020 0
McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantom II, German Air Force (Luftwaffe) 38+13, from the Bundeswehr Technical and Airworthiness Centre for Aircraft (Wehrtechnische Dienststelle 61) in Manching, in the special ´Final Flight´ livery – ´Phantom Pharewell´ at Wittmundhafen, June 2013. The story of German Phantoms began in 1968, when the first batch of eighty-eight aircraft was ordered.... Read More

6 Nov 1936

by on 6th November 2020 0
Generalmajor Hugo Sperrle was entrusted the command of Legion Condor, with the field command given to Oberstleutnant Wolfram von Richthofen. When a military coup of Spain took place on 17th July 1936, the country, divided between Republicans and Nationalists, plunged into a terrible civil war. Almost immediately, both sides of the conflict asked for... Read More

Dornier Do 24T-3

by on 3rd November 2020 0
Dornier Do 24T-3, exhibited in Flugwerft Schleißheim (an aviation branch of the Deutsches Museum in Munich), Oberschleißheim, October 2019 In August of 1934, the Reich Ministry of Aviation (Reichsluftfahrtministerium – RLM) issued a request for the long-range, ocean-class reconnaissance flying boat. However, the initial requirements were just vague and the final specification, after several... Read More

The fascinating world of airships and naval aviation – Aeronauticum Nordholz

by on 24th October 2020 0
A few kilometres from Cuxhaven, the well-known tourist spot of the North Sea, the Nordholz Naval Airbase (Fliegerhorst Nordholz) is located. And next to the main entrance to the base, one of the most interesting aviation museums in Europe can be found – Deutsches Luftschiff- und Marinefliegermuseum Nordholz, commonly known as ´Aeronauticum´. The official... Read More

23 Oct 1987

by on 23rd October 2020 0
The last Lockheed F-104 Starfighter was withdrawn from the active service in Luftwaffe (West German Air Force) The Jagdbombergeschwader 34 ´Allgäu´, based at Memmingen in Bayern, was the last Luftwaffe combat squadron to withdraw the F-104 Starfighter jets and switch to the new Panavia Tornado fighter-bomber. The end of Starfighter-era was officially marked on... Read More

Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation

by on 14th October 2020 0
Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation, c/n 54-0156, HB-RSC (commonly known as the ´Star of Switzerland´) – rehearsal to 2015 edition of Sanicole International Airshow, Kleine-Brogel air base, September 2015. The Lockheed Constellation, usually nicknamed ´Connie´, is one of the first-favourite classic airliners, and often considered the most beautiful propeller-powered airliner ever made. With absolute certainty,... Read More

Purchase of new German heavy-lift helicopter cancelled

by on 4th October 2020 0
On 29th September 2020, the Federal Ministry of Defence informed about cancellation of the procurement procedure for the new German heavy-lift helicopter. As a result, there will be no conclusion of the purchase agreement in 2021, as previously scheduled. Currently, the German armed forces are operating approximately sixty Sikorsky CH-53G ´Sea Stallion´ helicopters, purchased... Read More

Light and shadow of Jester – a story of Marineflieger P-3C Orion MPA (1)

by on 17th July 2020 0
Already shortly after its creation, the post-World War II German naval aviation (Marineflieger), started to play a significant role within the NATO structure in Northern Europe. Officially established in 1956, the naval aviation arm of Bundeswehr was developed with a considerable assistance of the United Kingdom that offered knowledge, training and also aircraft. The... Read More

Fiat G.91 R/4

by on 14th July 2020 0
Fiat G.91 R/4 ´75+00´ (formerly BD+248, German Air Force) exhibited at Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode, June 2018. Fiat G.91, a jet fighter-bomber designed by Fiat Aviazione (later Aeritalia) in early 1950s, was a result of both Korean War experiences and NATO Basic Military Requirement 1 (NBMR-1) project, aiming for creation of ´Light Weight Strike Fighter´ for... Read More
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