2nd December 2020
  • 2nd December 2020

2020 air show season – cancellations update (4)

By Jacek Domański on 2nd May 2020
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Another update to the air show calendar for 2020 is bringing even more cancelled or postponed events – caused by the coronavirus outbreak and anti-pandemic measures.

The last couple of days have brought a new wave of cancellations related to the events scheduled for August and September. In addition, a few summer shows that in March announced a new date in the second part of the year, were postponed further or eventually cancelled.

As usual, the latest addition to the list are highlighted in bold:

  • Festival letectva Pieštany, Pieštany (Slovakia), 8th – 10th May, cancelled;
  • Victory Day 75th Anniversary parade, Moscow and other cities (Russia), 9th May – flypast only in selected cities (check our article for further details), the parade is postponed indefinitely (probably September);
  • ILA Berlin, Berlin (Germany), 13th – 17th May, cancelled;
  • Den otevřených dveří 2020, Aeroklub Jaroměř (Czech Republic), 16th May, cancelled;
  • Shuttleworth May Evening Airshow, Old Warden (UK), 16th May, cancelled;
  • NATO Tiger Meet 2020, Beja (Portugal), 17th May, cancelled;
  • Großflugtage Großenhain, Flugplatz Großenhain (Germany), 16th / 17th May, postponed to 2021;
  • Naples Air Show, Naples (Italy), 17th May, cancelled;
  • HeliRussia, Moscow (Russia), 21st – 23rd May, postponed to autumn 2020;
  • Hangariada 2020, Iasi (Romania), 22nd – 24th May, cancelled;
  • Duxford Air Festival, Duxford (UK), 23rd / 24th May, cancelled;
  • L’Hélico 2020, Cholet (France), 23rd / 24th May, postponed to 18th – 20th September 2020;
  • Fazcination Luftsport 2020, Burbach (Germany), 23rd / 24th May, postponed to 2021;
  • Air Expo 2020, Muret (France), 23rd May, cancelled;
  • European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition EBACE, Geneve (Switzerland), 26th – 28th May, cancelled;
  • KADEX Defence Expo 2020, Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan), 28th – 31st May, postponed to 10th – 13th June 2021;
  • Midlands Air Festival, Ragley Hall (UK), 29th – 31st May, cancelled;
  • Le Temps des Hélices, la Ferté-Alais (France), 30th / 31st May, cancelled;
  • Croatian International Military Airshow, Zadar (Croatia), 30th May, postponed to 2021;
  • Aviatická Pouť, Pardubice (Czech Republic), 30th / 31st May, postponed to 2021;
  • Flugtag Sinsheim, Sinsheim (Germany), 30th / 31st May, cancelled;
  • Cagliari Air Show, Cagliari (Italy), 31st May, cancelled;
  • France Air Expo, Lyon (France), 4th – 6th June, postponed;
  • Rygge Air Show 2020, Rygge (Norway), 6th June, postponed to 2021;
  • Świdnik Air Festival, Świdnik (Poland), 6th – 7thJune, cancelled;
  • Estonian Aviation Days, Tartu (Estonia), 6th – 7thJune, cancelled;
  • Laval Aéro Show, Laval (France), 7th June, postponed to 2021;
  • Tag der Bundeswehr, Laage and all other locatons (Germany), 13th June, cancelled;
  • Historical Airshow – Dobový letecký den, Mláda Boleslav (Czech Republic), 13th June, postponed to 2021;
  • 22nd Air Base open day, Náměšť nad Oslavou (Czech Republic), 13th June, cancelled;
  • Stord Airshow 2020, Sagvåg (Norway), 13th June, postponed to 2021;
  • Danish Air Show 2020, Karup (Denmark), 13th / 14th June, cancelled;
  • Kauhava Air Show 2020, Kauhava (Finland), 13th / 14th June, postponed to August 2020;
  • RAF Cosword Air Show, Cosford (UK), 14th June, cancelled;
  • XVI Małopolski Piknik Lotniczy, Kraków (Poland), 20th / 21st June, cancelled;
  • Airshow Žamberk, Žamberk (Czech Republic), 20th June, postponed to 2021;
  • Kavala AirSea Show, Kavala (Greece), 26th – 28th June, cancelled;
  • Eurasia Airshow, Antalya (Turkey), 24th – 28th June, postponed to December 2020;
  • CONEX 20 exercise (open day), Emmen (Switzerland), 27th June, cancelled;
  • Świdwin Air Base open day, Świdwin (Poland), 27th June, cancelled;
  • Ursel Avia 2020, Ursel (Belgium), 27th – 28th June, cancelled;
  • Wales National Airshow, Swansea (UK), 4th / 5th July, cancelled;
  • Grenoble Air Show, Grenoble (France), 5th July, cancelled;
  • Royal Navy International Air Day, Yeovilton (UK), 11th July, cancelled;
  • Duxford Flying Legends Air Show, Duxford (UK), 11th– 12th July, cancelled;
  • Battle of Britain Memorial Day, The National Memorial to the Few, Capel le Ferne (UK), 12th July, cancelled – to be held online;
  • RIAT, Fairford (UK), 17th – 19th July, cancelled;
  • Farnborough International, Farnborough (UK), 20th – 24th July, cancelled;
  • Scotland´s National Airshow, East Lothian (UK), 25th July, cancelled;
  • Flugtage Bautzen, Bautzen (Germany), 7th – 9th August, postponed to 2021;
  • Flugtage Dorsten, Dorsten (Germany), 8th / 9th August, postponed to 2021;
  • Wings and Wheels, Ursel (Belgium), 8th / 9th August, cancelled;
  • Flugfest Hagenbuch, Hagenbuch (Switzerland), 15th / 16th August, cancelled;
  • Battle of Britain memorial day – ´The Hardest Day´, Biggin Hill (UK), 18th August, cancelled;
  • Hunterfest, Obersimmental (Switzerland), 22nd August, cancelled;
  • Airshow Breitscheid, Breitscheid (Germany), 29th / 30th August, cancelled;
  • Dittinger Flugtage, Zwingen (Switzerland), 29th / 30th August, cancelled;
  • Telemark Airshow, Tuven (Norway), 30th August, postponed to 2021;
  • Scottish International Airshow, Ayr (UK), 4th – 6th September, cancelled;
  • Ballon und Flugtage Alpenrheintal, Widnau (Switzerland), 4th – 6th September, cancelled;
  • Luftwaffemuseum Flugplatzfest, Berlin (Germany), 5th / 6th September, cancelled;
  • Sanicole Sunset Airshow, Leopoldsburg (Belgium), 11th September, cancelled;
  • Kleine-Brogel AFB spotter day, Kleine-Brogel (Belgium), 12th September, cancelled;
  • Sanicole International Airshow, Leopoldsburg (Belgium), 13th September, cancelled;
  • Frecce Tricolori 60th Avviversary, Rivolto (Italy), 19th / 20th September, postponed to 2021;
  • Geneva Airport 100th Anniversary Air Festival, Geneva (Switzerland), 26th September, cancelled;


We will continue with updating this list, as necessary.

North American B-25J Mitchell – Aviatická pouť 2019

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