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Nord Aviation 2501F-3 Noratlas, F-AZVM ´Le Grise´

by on 18th February 2020 0
Nord Aviation 2501 Noratlas operated by L’association Le Noratlas de Provence, flying display during Tag der Bundeswehr open doors event at Fliegerhorst Landsberg/Penzing, June 2017. In late 1940s, the French Air Force opened the competition for a new military transport aircraft, able to replace the existing fleet of surplus C-47 Dakota and Amiot AAC... Read More

Fouga CM-170R Magister

by on 26th November 2019 0
Fouga CM-170R Magister, D-IFCC (Quax Flieger) – a photo taken in June, during the spotter day in Nordholz air base (Fliegerhorst Nordholz), organized in addition to the Tag der Bundeswehr 2019 annual open doors event of the German armed forces. Developed in the early 1950s, as the replacement of piston-powered trainers in the French... Read More
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