Alauda Aeronautics unveiled Airspeeder Mk 4

On 21st February, Alauda Aeronautics officially unveiled its fourth, but first manned, flying race car, the Airspeeder Mk 4. Designed and built in Adelaide, South Australia, the new vehicle is the fastest hydrogen-powered eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircraft in the world.

The Airspeeder Mk 4 can reach a top speed of 360 kph (225 mph). That is an impressive result, not only because it is 160 kph faster than the previous versions of the Airspeeder but also because the new variant can reach that incredible speed in just 30 seconds from a standing start.

The Airspeeder Mk 4 is also extremely efficient for a vehicle of its kind. Thanks to its unique hydrogen-electric propulsion system incorporating the Thunderstrike Hydrogen Turbogenerator, advanced aerodynamics (another, after higher top speed, significant improvement on previous versions of the vehicle) and a maximum take-off weight of just 950 kilograms, the Mk 4 has a projected range of 300 kilometres (188 miles) with near-zero emissions. In addition, the Artificial Intelligence Gimballed Thrust technology used in the Airspeeder Mk 4 gives the vehicle the handling qualities of a Formula 1 car.

The hydrogen turbogenerator mentioned above, which powers the batteries and engines of the Airspeeder Mk 4, has a power output of 1000 kW (being an equivalent to 1340 hp). It is specifically designed to be used in eVTOLs, and its technology enables hydrogen to be used as a fuel, providing safe, reliable and sustainable power for flying long distances and times.

The Airspeeder Mk 4 has been designed to set the standards for performance and technology in the new sport of the Airspeeder racing, opening the opportunity for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) teams to join the Airspeeder in a motorsport revolution by introducing the world’s first and fastest manned flying race car for performance sports.

It is also taking the existing eVTOL industry into the new era of next-generation H2eVTOL vehicles. The technology behind the Airspeeder Mk 4 has the potential to significantly reduce emissions and create a sustainable future for individual air transport.

‘We, and the world, are ready for crewed flying car racing. We have built the vehicles, developed the sport, secured the venues, attracted the sponsors and technical partners. Now is the time for the world’s most progressive, innovative and ambitious automotive brands, OEM manufacturers and motorsport teams to be part of a truly revolutionary new motorsport. In unveiling the crewed Mk4 we show the vehicles that will battle it out in blade-to-blade racing crewed by the most highly skilled pilots in their fields.’ – said Matt Pearson, CEO of Alauda Aeronautics.

In conclusion, it is worth to mention that team entries for the Airspeeder crewed racing series are now open with the first manned races scheduled for 2024.

All photos © Airspeeder Ltd, Airspeeder press materials were used.