9th July 2020
  • 9th July 2020

Articles Posted by Jacek Domański

500,000 flight hours for Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

by on 19th October 2019 0

According to the Boeing company information released at the beginning of October, the existing fleet of Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft reached the 500,000 flight hours milestone. The aircraft have been developed since 1981, through the Joint-service Vertical take-off/landing Experimental (JVX) programme, initially led by the US Department of Defence and the US Army. […]

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Rostec offers the modernization of South Korean Ka-32 fleet

by on 16th October 2019 0

The Rostec State Corporation recently released that the program for upgrading the South Korean fleet of multipurpose Ka-32 helicopter fleet would be presented during the ADEX 2019 – Seoul International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition, held between 15th and 20th October. The offer will be presented through the official dealer of Russian Helicopters company, RH Focus […]

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Rockwell-Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm X-31

by on 15th October 2019 0

The Rockwell-Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm X-31 (also known as X-31 VECTOR), experimental jet fighter exhibited in the Flugwerft Schleissheim aviation museum in Oberschleißheim (a branch of Deutsche Museum, Munich). An X-series of research aircraft already made its mark in the aviation history, the projects evaluated by the USAF, NACA and then NASA either broke several records or achieved […]

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An integration of Mil and Kamov construction bureaus into the National Helicopter Centre

by on 13th October 2019 0

The Board of Directors of Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) has taken a decision to unite JSC ´Mil Moscow Helicopter plant´ and JSC ´Kamov´ to establish JSC ´National Helicopter Centre named after Mikhail Mil and Nikolay Kamov´ (NHC). National Helicopter Centre shall combine the potential of two helicopter design schools for […]

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Polikarpov I-15bis / И-15 бис

by on 8th October 2019 0

A biplane fighter aircraft from the 1930s, Polikarpov I-15bis, exhibited at the static display of XIV International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019, in Zhukovsky. The roots of I-15bis go way back to 1929, when the 5th fighter for the Soviet Air Force was developed by N.N. Polikarpov and D.P. Grigorovich. Manufactured between 1931 and 1934, […]

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Failed dreams – unfinished projects of Czech aviation industry (1)

by on 8th October 2019 0

Czech Republic (and earlier Czechoslovakia) is the country with long aviation tradition, dating back to 1918, when the first aviation manufacturing company was established. Before the World War II, the Czechoslovak aviation industry was comparable to the level of the most advanced countries, as France, Germany or the Great Britain. This, exceptional for such a […]

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Breitling Jet Team – the end of the story

by on 3rd October 2019 0

On 22nd September, the display performed at Festival Aérien Cervolix in France became the final conclusion of the 17-year-long activity of the Breitling Jet Team. As yet another consequence of Breitling´s exit from the aviation sponsorship, in July 2019 the Swiss watchmaker decided not to renew the sponsorship contract with Apache Aviation, the operator of […]

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