26th October 2020
  • 26th October 2020

Articles Posted by Jacek Domański

Martin Šonka at the 29th Aviation Fair

by on 20th February 2019 0

Martin Šonka, the acting world champion in the Red Bull Air Race, will perform a flying display during the 29th Aviation Fair in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Martin Šonka achieved a phenomenal success last year when he won the prestigious series of Red Bull Air Race races, becoming a world champion. “Before the last flight in […]

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Aviation adventure in the heart of Harz – Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode.

by on 15th June 2018 0

Wernigerode is a relatively small town situated in the heart of the Harz mountains. The city is a well-known holiday destination, famous for its picturesque old town with the medieval city hall and other historic buildings, the Wernigerode Castle located on a hill above the town, and primarily for the narrow-gauge railways – Harzer Schmalspurbahnen. […]

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Emphasizing the 25 years of cooperation with the live-fly exercise – Sky Avenger 2018

by on 26th May 2018 0

A quarter century ago the United States Air National Guard (ANG) began the cooperation and joint trainings with the Czech Air Force. The initial goal of this partnership was to train the Czech military personnel on their way to NATO and make them familiar with the alliance standards. The Czech Republic became the NATO member […]

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Ohrid Police Day 2018

by on 15th May 2018 0

Lake Ohrid, one of Europe´s deepest and oldest lakes, is the popular touristic destination located in the centre of the Balkan peninsula and the landmark of the Republic of Macedonia (also known as FYROM, FYR Macedonia or, perhaps, according to the latest news, soon adopting the new name of the Republic of North Macedonia). The […]

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Without a sunset, there still was an amazing show – 7th Sanicole Sunset Airshow 2017

by on 30th September 2017 0

With just seven editions, the Sanicole Sunset Airshow is still the younger brother of the well-known Sanicole International Airshow which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017. Despite this young age, the sunset show already gathered a group of loyal supporters who arrive to Sanicole on Friday, two days before the main aviation event. Those who […]

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International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017 – facts and figures

by on 31st July 2017 0

The gates of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017 are already closed, allowing us to summarize the 2017 edition with some key facts, statistics and related news. The history of the Russian aviation exhibitions started 25 years ago with the ´MosAeroShow´ organized at Zhukovsky in August of 1992. Then, this first Russian ´aerosalon´ organized […]

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The newest, the finest and the legendary – the static aircraft display at MAKS-2017

by on 29th July 2017 0

During the six days of its operation more than 450,000 people visited the 13th edition of the biennial Russian biggest aviation event, the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017. The specialised public and other visitors could follow the flight programme with 90 participating aircrafts in solo and team displays, the presentation of the aviation and […]

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