9th October 2019
  • 9th October 2019


Polikarpov I-15bis / И-15 бис

by 8th October 2019 0

A biplane fighter aircraft from the 1930s, Polikarpov I-15bis, exhibited at the static display of XIV International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019, in Zhukovsky. The roots of I-15bis go way back to 1929, when the 5th fighter for the Soviet Air Force was developed by N.N. Polikarpov and D.P. Grigorovich. Manufactured between 1931 and...

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Panavia Tornado ECR

by 1st October 2019 0

Panavia Tornado ECR from Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 51 ´Immelmann´ (TaktLwG 51 ‘I’), German Air Force, is touching down on the runway at the 31st Tactical Air Base in Poznań – Krzesiny, Poland, during NATO Tiger Meet 2018.  NATO Tiger Meet is the world’s famous, annual live-fly exercise, gathering the military aircraft from so-called ´Tiger-units´ from...

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Hawker Hurricane Mk. IV

by 24th September 2019 0

Hawker Hurricane Mk. IV ´JV-N´ KZ321 – an iconic World War II aircraft photographed while performing an amazing low pass over the Kleine-Brogel airfield, during the spotter day on 14th September 2019. Hurricane Mk. IV was one of the final variants of the Hawker-manufactured fighter, produced between 1942 and 1944. At that time, Hurricane...

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Mil Mi-171Sh

by 17th September 2019 0

Mil Mi-171Sh ´223´, Croatian Air Force, taking-off from the static display after the 41st Sanicole International Airshow, Belgium. Mi-171 helicopter was supporting the Croatian Air Force aerobatic team Krila Oluje (the Wings of Storm), participating in the Sanicole air show and could be seen at the static display during the Kleine-Brogel spotter day on...

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Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II

by 10th September 2019 0

Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II, Italian Air Force, static display at AirPower air show at Zeltweg, Austria, held on 6th and 7th September 2019. Italy is the third largest Joint Strike Fighter programme contributor, after the USA and UK. According to the official Lockheed Martin release, the number of F-35s required by Italy is...

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Tupolev Tu-95MS “Saratov”

by 27th August 2019 0

Tu-95MS “Saratov” (tactical no. Red 10, registration RF94128) turboprop strategic bomber on static display during MAKS 2017. Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers (NATO designation: “Bear”) have been true workhorses of the Soviet and later Russian Long Range Aviation being one of the components of the country’s nuclear deterrence system. First flown in November 1952 (Tu-95/I...

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Bombardier DHC-8 Q300 Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

by 13th August 2019 0

DHC-8 Q300 MSA ´501´ from the Swedish Coast Guard (Kustbevakningen) is visiting the Nordholz air force base in Northern Germany, August 2013. Back in 2003, the Swedish authorities decided to replace the ageing fleet of Swedish Coast Guard maritime surveillance aircraft. Three CASA 212 aeroplanes already provided the surveillance duties for more than 20...

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Mikoyan and Gurevich MiG-29AS

by 6th August 2019 0

Slovak Air Force MiG-29AS ´0619´ performing the flying display at Czech International Air Fest 2010, Hradec Králové. This aircraft is flown by Lieutenant colonel Marián ´Buker´ Bukovský, the Slovak Air Force display pilot between 2010 and 2019 and now the deputy commander of the Tactical Wing ´Major General Otto Smik´, at Sliač Air Base....

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