26th October 2020
  • 26th October 2020

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When the sky is not blue – All-weather pilot training (2)

by on 16th October 2020 0
In the middle of this year we have reported about the all-weather training organized for the aviation crews from the Western Military District in Russia. The training, then held in Leningrad Oblast, was performed as the live-fly exercise for the military transport aeroplanes (Tu-134M, An-72, An-12 and An-26) and Mi-8 helicopters. This time, continuing... Read More

28 Aug 1963

by on 28th August 2020 0
Collision of two KC-135A-BN Stratotankers from the USAF 19th Bomb Wing, west of Bermuda, Atlantic Ocean. Two flying tankers, 61-0322 (c/n 18229) and 61-0319 (c/n 18226) were on return flight to Homestead air base (Florida) after a mission of refuelling two Boeing B-47 Stratojet bombers, somewhere 1,100 kilometres out from the coast. Stratotanker 61-0322... Read More

3 Jul 1933

by on 3rd July 2020 0
The first flight of Tupolev ANT-16 The Tupolev ANT-16, also known as TB-4 by its military designation, was a prototype of heavy bomber developer from Tupolev´s earlier bomber design, TB-3. The ANT-16 was built in the very beginning of 1930’s and followed an idea, that – with regards to the bomber aircraft – size,... Read More

Tupolev Tu-95MS “Saratov”

by on 27th August 2019 0
Tu-95MS “Saratov” (tactical no. Red 10, registration RF94128) turboprop strategic bomber on static display during MAKS 2017. Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers (NATO designation: “Bear”) have been true workhorses of the Soviet and later Russian Long Range Aviation being one of the components of the country’s nuclear deterrence system. First flown in November 1952 (Tu-95/I... Read More
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