8th April 2020
  • 8th April 2020

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Mil Mi-14PLMK

by on 7th May 2019 0
Polish Navy Mil Mi-14PLMK (NATO reporting name: Haze) from 44th Naval Air Station – amphibious anti-submarine helicopter developed from the Mi-8. Mi-14PL (Russian: противолодочный – anti-submarine), although developed in the late 1960s and bought in 1981, is still the basic helicopter of the Polish Navy, and the biggest helicopter operated by the Polish armed... Read More

Russian Helicopters comes to Mexico

by on 24th April 2019 0
Russian Helicopters holding company will participate in the third international aerospace show FAMEX 2019 held in Santa Lucia air base in Mexico. This year the company will exhibit a line of Russian civilian helicopters in Mexico: light Ansat, medium Mi-171A2 and heavier Mi-38 helicopters, representing the three main weight classes used in various spheres... Read More

Mi-26T2V – The biggest helicopter in the world completes preliminary flight tests.

by on 6th April 2019 0
Russian Helicopters, a part of Rostec State Corporation, successfully completed preliminary flight tests of the Mi-26T2V helicopter. The aircraft is now being prepared for a handover to the Russian Ministry of Defense to do joint official tests. The upgraded heavy Mi-26T2V helicopter designed in the interests of the Ministry of Defense made its first... Read More

Russian Helicopters Holding Company negotiating delivery of up to eight helicopters to Malaysia.

by on 27th March 2019 0
Russian Helicopters Holding Company, a part of Rostec State Corporation, is currently holding negotiations regarding delivery of up to eight rotorcraft units of three types to Malaysian customers. Contract details are to be specified during the fifteenth Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2019 through March 26 to 30 on Langkawi island. “Malaysian operators... Read More

Ohrid Police Day 2018

by on 15th May 2018 0
Lake Ohrid, one of Europe´s deepest and oldest lakes, is the popular touristic destination located in the centre of the Balkan peninsula and the landmark of the Republic of Macedonia (also known as FYROM, FYR Macedonia or, perhaps, according to the latest news, soon adopting the new name of the Republic of North Macedonia).... Read More
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