15th January 2020
  • 15th January 2020

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Aviation Fair got its wings

by on 6th November 2019 0
The Aviation Fair in Pardubice, which has been organized for almost 30 years and already is one of the best-known air shows in the Central Europe, now got its own wings. On 22nd October 2019, the Aviation Fair Squadron (Letka Aviatické pouti) officially commenced its operation, when the first aircraft of the newly established... Read More

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21(MF-75) LanceR C

by on 23rd July 2019 0
The Romanian Air Force MiG-21 LanceR C ´6824´ is landing for refuelling at Pardubice airfield (Czech Republic), during the way back home to Romania from RIAT 2019 – 22nd July 2019. Two RoAF MiG-21s (6824 and 6807), together with the supporting cargo aeroplane C-27J Spartan ´2706´, were participating in the Royal International Air Tattoo,... Read More

North American B-25J ´Mitchell´

by on 4th June 2019 0
North American B-25J ´Mitchell´ from the Flying Bulls fleet, shortly after its arrival to Pardubice on 31st May 2019. Together with Bo 105C helicopter and T-28B ´Trojan´ aeroplane, that also visited Pardubice during the last weekend, the silver-painted B-25 participated in the 29th Aviation Fair air show, performing a few flying displays there. B-25... Read More

Sukhoi Su-25 UBK

by on 27th April 2019 0
A rare view at the European airshows – the Bulgarian Su-25 UBK – has just arrived at Pardubice, for the static display during the 2012 edition of the Aviation Fair air show The visit of ´095´ aircraft in Pardubice was considered symbolic, as the Su-25s of the Czechoslovak Air Force were stationed at Pardubice... Read More

Mustang will roam over Pardubice again

by on 11th March 2019 0
Flying veterans of the World War II are among the main features of the Aviaticka Pout display programme. This year, the legendary North American P-51D Mustang will again roar over the Pardubice airfield. “From the audience’s feedback in previous years of the Aviation Fair, we know that the performance of the P-51D Mustang as... Read More
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