6th Włocławek Model Festival – amazing world of (not only) aviation miniatures

On 22nd and 23rd October 2023, in the Cultural Centre ‘Browar B’ (Centrum Kultury ‘Browar B’) in Włocławek, the 6th Włocławek Model Festival took place. The event was organised by the Włocławek Modeling Club ‘Iskra’ (Włocławskie Koło Modelarskie ‘Iskra’). A total number of 166 model makers, including 58 youngsters, 18 juniors and 90 seniors, participated in that contest.

The participants submitted as many as 600 scale models, including 449 made of plastic and 151 made of paper. By age classification, these included respectively 117 examples in the ‘Youngster’, 67 in the ‘Junior’ and as much as 416 scale models in the ‘Senior’ categories.

Visitors to the festival could, already from the first glance, could see that aircraft were the most popular type of scale models displayed there. However, the whole range of categories represented by the miniatures was extremely wide.

There were figures of historical or fantasy characters, buildings like lighthouses and castles, as well as military and civilian vehicles – ships, trains, tanks and other armoured vehicles, aircraft and even rockets and a space shuttle. In addition, there were highly detailed dioramas related to various historical or fictional events there. And all of the above items represented a broad range of scales, from as small as 1/350 to 1/32, and even larger.

Although we were obviously most interested in models related to aviation, it was just impossible to not appreciate the level of details of many other types of miniatures gathered there, as well as model making skills of their authors.

Below you may find a gallery of photos from the 6th Włocławek Model Festival, showing only a small part of the entire exhibition – although featuring the most interesting models according to our opinion.

Six years ago, the Włocławek Model Festival was organised for the first time. Since its first edition in 2017, the event is being organised with increasing level of organisation quality and prestige with more and more scope every year. It is definitely the kind of event that is worth paying a visit, even if you are not into model-making yourself. We are already looking forward to visit it again, hopefully next year, to admire more stunning models and to prepare another report for you.