Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 777-300ER (c/n 33416, All Nippon Airways, JA782A), landing at the runway of Franz Josef Strauss airport, Munich, October 2012.

The Boeing 777, commonly known as the ´Triple Seven´, performed its first flight on 12th June 1994. The airliner was intended to fill the gap between twin-engine Boeing 767 and four-engine Boeing 747. At the time the 777 was introduced, it was the largest and the longest twinjet in the world – the initial 777-200 series was 63.73 metres long and the 777-300 series was 73.86 metres long. This record was pushed up to 74.77 metres only in 2001, by Airbus A340-600.

The Boeing 777 was initially manufactured as mid-range airliner. The long-range versions (777-300ER and 777-200LR) were introduced to operational service in 2004. The aircraft was developed in collaboration with major airlines and suited to their needs. Therefore, it was not surprising that initial orders, placed yet a few years before the maiden flight of the ´Triple Seven´, reached the number of 112 examples. On 15th May 1995, the first 777 was delivered to United Airlines and began its regular service in June of the same year.

Shortly after, the 777 became one of the most popular wide-body twinjet airliners. There were more than 1,700 aircraft of that type manufactured and delivered until today. More than 400 examples are in order and will be delivered in the upcoming years. The aeroplane was, and still is, operated by approximately 60 airlines all over the world, with Emirates being reported as the biggest user of that aircraft family.

The family of the 777 airliners includes the initial 777-200 and 777-300; long-range 777-200ER, 777-300ER (for ´extended range´) and 777-200LR (for ´long-range´) introduced in 2006 and nicknamed ´Worldliner´; 777F freightliner, as well as 777 Business Jet (also known as 777 VIP). In November of 2013, the Boeing company launched development of a new generation aircraft from the family, designated 777X. The first airliner of the new variant performed its maiden flight on 25th January 2020 and, according to Boeing, there are more than 350 examples of the 777X already ordered.

In today´s Photo of the Week we are going back to October of 2012. On that sunny but cold evening, the Japanese 777-300ER ´JA782A´ has just completed its transcontinental flight and landed at Franz Josef Strauss airport in Munich, where that photo was taken.

This particular example of the Boeing 777 performed its maiden flight on 14th January 2008. Within two weeks from the first flight, the aircraft was delivered to All Nippon Airways and shortly after began its regular operational service. In 2015, the aeroplane was modernized and received new seat configuration.

In March of 2021, the ´JA782A´ was reported withdrawn from use. In June of the same year, that Boeing 777 made its last flight from Tokyo, Japan to Mojave, the United States, via Honolulu. In Mojave, the aeroplane was moved to Air and Space Port aircraft boneyard, where it is stored until today.

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