Our images from the first year – ´Photo of the Week´ special edition

Among the Afterburner´s regular columns, ´Photo of the Week´ is the oldest one. The first image, introducing Su-25, was published on 27th April 2019 – almost exactly one year ago. Since that time, on every Wednesday, you may check another addition to this category.

The idea behind the ´Photo of the Week´ column was very simple – to draw your attention not only to the particular aircraft, or its image, but mainly it just had to be a way how to introduce you an interesting background story. The early years of aviation, warbirds, airliners, prototypes that never entered production and or the newest, advanced military jets – all this you can find among those images, and then, by reading the story behind it and learn more about the particular aircraft or aviation event.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Afterburner – the Aviation Magazine we have decided to mark this event by reminding here all ´Photo of the Week´ images published so far – arranged as the image gallery below.

However, if you would also like to read any of the background stories again, they are easily accessible in our category page.