PC-9M and L-39NG – premiere flying displays at Aviation Fair 2024

Aviation Fair (Aviatická pouť), the biggest civilian aviation event in the Czech Republic, will this year host two interesting premiere displays. According to the recent information disclosed by organizers of the air show, the flying programme of the Aviation Fair is going to include Pilatus PC-9 and Aero L-39NG.

The Swiss-made Pilatus PC-9 is a single-engine turboprop, two-seat training aircraft originating from PC-7. In comparison to its predecessor, the PC-9 characterizes with more powerful engine, strengthened airframe, enlarged cockpit and new ejection seats.

The aircraft to perform at the air show in Pardubice is operated by the air component of the Slovenian Armed Forces (Zračna komponenta Slovenska vojska), commonly referred to as the Slovenian Air Force. The PC-9M, light-attack variant of the trainer, is the country´s sole combat aeroplane. The Pilatus show at Aviation Fair 2024 will be performed by First Lieutenant Andrej Fiorelli. The Slovenian pilot is already well known from his PC-9M aerobatic displays that were many times awarded at international aviation events, such as RIAT or Airborne 18.

Andrej Fiorelli´s display will not only be the premiere performance of the Slovenian Air Force and Air Defence in Pardubice but, in addition, it will be the first flying display of the PC-9 at Aviatická pouť show.

Pilatus PC-9M, Slovenian Air Force

Another aircraft to appear in the skies over Pardubice airfield to perform its premiere display will be the new Czech turbofan-powered military trainer and light combat aeroplane, L-39NG. Developed and manufactured by Aero Vodochody, that training aeroplane is a direct successor of the worldwide known Aero L-39 Albatros.

According to the air show organization team, both aforementioned jet trainers will be seen during a joint display. It will also mean a symbolic passing the baton to new trainer generation – in the nearest future the L-39NG is expected to be introduced into operational service with the CLV Pardubice, replacing the L-39 Albatros.

Last but not least, we would like to mention the already announced Czech Air Force displays at Aviation Fair 2024. They will include an opening flypast of two JAS-39 Gripen fighters and CASA C-295M transport aircraft, drop of paratroopers from the C-295M and dynamic displays of the Gripen and Aero L-159 ALCA light-combat aircraft.

The upcoming edition of Aviatická pouť air show will take place on 1st and 2nd June 2024, in Pardubice, the Czech Republic. According to the organizers, its flying programme will last over five hours.

Aero L-39NG

Cover photo and photo #1 – © KOMMANDO LUFTUNTERSTUETZUNG, photo #2 – © Aero Vodochody.
Photos courtesy of Aviation Fair / Aviatická pouť