ŠK-1 Trempík

ŠK-1 Trempík (c/n: 01, OK-JXA) amateur-built aircraft, leaving Pardubice airfield, where it was part of static display at 31st Aviation Fair (Aviatická pouť) air show, Pardubice, May 2023.

The ŠK-1 is the second, after the W-01 Brouček, amateur-built aircraft in the history of post-war Czechoslovakia. It was developed by Jan Šimůnek and Jaroslav Kamarýt, two long-time employees of Letov aviation plant in Prague-Letňany.

Construction process of the aircraft began in 1969 and lasted ten years. Then in 1979, the aircraft performed its maiden flight and one year later was officially registered as ŠK-1 Trempík (English: little tramp), OK-JXA.

The aircraft has maximum take-off weight of just 578 kg, therefore today meets the requirements for an ultralight aeroplane. It can fly with the speed up to 185 km/h at a range up to 600 kilometres. The ŠK-1 is powered by Praga D-1 engine, generating 75 hp. The ŠK-1 is characterized by its simplicity and easy maintenance, as well as good flight performance.

Although made forty-four years ago, the ŠK-1 is still airworthy, owned and flown by its constructor, Jan Šimůnek. On daily basis, the aeroplane is deposited at Letecké muzeum Metoděje Vlacha (Aviation Museum Metoděj Vlach), being a part of the museum exhibition at Mladá Boleslav.

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