Saab JAS-39C Gripen

Saab JAS-39C Gripen (c/n 39240, ´9240´ of Vzdušné síly Armády České republiky / the Czech Air Force), refuelled at static display of the 32nd edition of Aviatická pouť air show, Pardubice, June 2024.

The Czech Air Force is one of permanent participants of Aviatická pouť (Aviation Fair) air show. Usually, the visitors to Pardubice airfield are able to see the Gripen fighter showcased at the Czech Armed Forces sector of the static exhibition, with additional live-fly demonstration performed by the Gripen Solo Display team.

The 32nd edition of the show was no exception in this matter, but it was also marked by a few other unique features related to this Swedish-built fighter aircraft.

First of all, and apart from usual solo performance, the JAS-39C fighter flown by Captain Ondřej Španko, was presented during a unique joint formation flight with the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team. It was a spectacular show, enthusiastically received by the spectators – and we shall report more about that stunt soon, in our complete report from the Aviation Fair 2024.

Another extraordinary display, related to the Gripen fighter, was – although indirectly – caused by the weather conditions. Heavy rainfalls and winds that ruled at the time in the Central Europe, prevented many of the already confirmed participants to arrive to Pardubice. As a consequence, several flying and static displays were cancelled but, on the other hand, it made an additional room for those, who already were present at the airfield.

It meant also the Gripen fighter of the display team. Usually, the demonstration aircraft was not showcased at static display, being parked far from the public area and the visitors could see it only during take-off/landing and the display performance itself. This time, however, there was enough room at the static display area to accommodate the JAS-39C there, as well as arrange some photo shooting together with the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team and their aircraft.

Moreover, the visitors to the Aviation Fair show had an unique possibility to observe both pre- and post-flight maintenance on the Gripen, as this time most of the procedures were performed in front of them. One of the examples was the re-fuelling process, performed on Sunday morning in the static display area, when our current Photo of the Week was taken.

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