Special operations training at ´Manoeuvres 2022´

On 18th October this year, the Serbian armed forces launched a three-week joint exercise of active and reserve forces, codenamed ´Manoeuvres 2022´ (Маневри 2022). The exercise includes an intensive training of Special Operation Forces, supported by aircraft of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence (Ратно ваздухопловство и противваздухопловна одбрана Војске Србије).

Training of the SOF units was executed last week at ´Pasuljanske livade´ training ground, in the eastern part of the country. Personnel of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade and the 63rd Parachute Brigade performed a combined airborne operation against ground targets, with close cooperation of the Serbian Air Force helicopter crews.

Exercise ´Manoeuvres 2022´

The main goal of that exercise was to maintain and enhance capabilities of the Serbian SOF units. Combat teams were airlifted to operational area by rotorcraft and then executed live-fire training against mock enemy positions. Day- and night-time helicopter landings were also practised during that exercise, as well as combat search and rescue operations.

The ´Manoeuvres 2022´ exercise is scheduled to conclude on 6th November 2022. Among its main activities planned for the current, final stage of the training, there is also an anti-tank combat exercise that is going to be executed at ´Orešac´ firing range.

Exercise ´Manoeuvres 2022´

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