2nd December 2020
  • 2nd December 2020

Articles Posted by Jacek Domański

MAKS-2021 awaits its guests

by on 18th October 2020 0

There is only 274 days to the 2021 edition of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS, that will be organized between 20th and 25th July 2021 at Zhukovsky airfield, Moscow area. Last week, the organizer of the event – Aviasalon JSC – already disclosed the first information regarding the XV edition and also opened […]

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When the sky is not blue – All-weather pilot training (2)

by on 16th October 2020 0

In the middle of this year we have reported about the all-weather training organized for the aviation crews from the Western Military District in Russia. The training, then held in Leningrad Oblast, was performed as the live-fly exercise for the military transport aeroplanes (Tu-134M, An-72, An-12 and An-26) and Mi-8 helicopters. This time, continuing this […]

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Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation

by on 14th October 2020 0

Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation, c/n 54-0156, HB-RSC (commonly known as the ´Star of Switzerland´) – rehearsal to 2015 edition of Sanicole International Airshow, Kleine-Brogel air base, September 2015. The Lockheed Constellation, usually nicknamed ´Connie´, is one of the first-favourite classic airliners, and often considered the most beautiful propeller-powered airliner ever made. With absolute certainty, its […]

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Modernization of the Serbian Air Force

by on 11th October 2020 0

In our recent article related to the live-fire exercise ´Joint Action 2020´ we have mentioned that, according to the Serbian military authorities, the current training was a great opportunity to show the progress in modernization of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence, especially when compared to the ´March of the Victors´ exercise from 2018. […]

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´Joint Action 2020´ exercise in Serbia

by on 10th October 2020 0

A live-fire and large-scale military exercise codenamed ´Joint Action 2020´ (Sadejstvo 2020 / Садејство 2020)  is carried out today, on Saturday 10th October, in Serbia. The exercise is organized at the temporary exercise area Pešter, in southwestern Serbia. The current exercise is another one large-scale training of the Serbian Armed Forces, after the ´March of […]

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9 Oct 1987

by on 9th October 2020 0

Maiden flight of AgustaWestland AW101 medium-lift helicopter. The origins of this helicopter date back to late 1970s, when both the Royal Navy and Marina Militare were searching for a new, modern anti-submarine rotorcraft. Developed as a result of British – Italian cooperation (under a new company, EH Industries Ltd., owned by Westland and Agusta), the […]

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Purchase of new German heavy-lift helicopter cancelled

by on 4th October 2020 0

On 29th September 2020, the Federal Ministry of Defence informed about cancellation of the procurement procedure for the new German heavy-lift helicopter. As a result, there will be no conclusion of the purchase agreement in 2021, as previously scheduled. Currently, the German armed forces are operating approximately sixty Sikorsky CH-53G ´Sea Stallion´ helicopters, purchased in […]

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Airborne operation at ´Slavic Brotherhood – 2020´ tactical exercise

by on 3rd October 2020 0

An annual, joint tactical exercise ´Slavic Brotherhood – 2020´ was held between 14th and 25th September this year, at Brestsky training ground, located near Brest, the Republic of Belarus. More than 6000 soldiers and 500 vehicles participated in the exercise, coming from the Western Operational Command of Belarus and two units of the Russian Airborne […]

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2 Oct 1910

by on 2nd October 2020 0

The very first mid-air collision was observed. An aviation meeting named ´Milano Circuito Aereo Internazionale´ was organized in Milan, Italy, between 24th September and 3rd October 1910. At the end of the event – on 2nd or 3rd October, according to the source – a French aviator René Thomas, flying Antoinette IV monoplane, collided with […]

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Polikarpov U-2 (Po-2) / У-2 (По-2)

by on 29th September 2020 0

Polikarpov Po-2 (c/n 0076), while performing a flying display during the 2016 edition of Aviatická Pout´ air show, Pardubice, May 2016. U-2 / Po-2 is one of the most known aircraft ever made. Introduced in 1929, under the designation U-2 (´U´ stands for учебный – training) it shortly became an icon of Soviet training and […]

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