18th September 2020
  • 18th September 2020

Articles Posted by Jacek Domański

Panavia A-200C Tornado IDS

by on 12th August 2020 0

Panavia A-200C Tornado IDS ´6-13´ (c/n 170/IS013/5019 MM7014), Italian Air Force – 6° Stormo ´Alfredo Fusco´, 154° Gruppo ´Diavoli Rossi´, just after the arrival to Fliegerhorst Schleswig/Jagel, June 2019. Panavia Tornado, one of the Cold War iconic aircraft, was born in March 1969 when four partner nations – Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, […]

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The first flights of Ansat in Mexico

by on 7th August 2020 0

The first flights of Ansat light multipurpose helicopter, owned by a Mexican company Craft Avia Center, were commenced in Guadalajara. During one of those flights, Ansat performed a landing and take-off operation on a skyscraper helipad, located in the city centre. Ansat rotorcraft was supplied by Russian Helicopter Systems, and Craft Avia Center is an […]

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Russia celebrates the 90th anniversary of Airborne Forces

by on 6th August 2020 0

Only a week after the Day of the Russian Navy, this year being celebrated on 26th July, another military holiday was observed in Russia. The feast, officially known as the Airborne Forces Day (День Воздушно-десантных войск) and commonly called also the ´Paratroopers´ Day´, is celebrated on 2nd August each year. This date is not accidental […]

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Beriev Be-200ES ´Altair´ / Бе-200ЧС «Альтаир»

by on 28th July 2020 0

Beriev Be-200ES (No. 21512, named ´Konstantin Babich´) multipurpose jet amphibious aircraft, at the static display during XIV International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019 in Zhukovsky, Moscow area. In 1980s, the Beriev Design Bureau was working on two projects of new amphibious aircraft – a military anti-submarine A-40 ´Albatross´ with the maximum take-off weight of approximately […]

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Letter from the editor – July 2020

by on 25th July 2020 0

Dear Friends, Fans and Followers! Writing to you in the middle of summer holidays, we usually should be sharing our experiences from the first part of the air show season. But, and regrettably, not this year… And for the obvious reason that everybody knows. However, we were still hoping that the mass events would be […]

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by on 22nd July 2020 0

A prototype of the heavy helicopter Mi-26T2V, presented at ´Russian Helicopters´ stand during the XIV International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019, Zhukovsky (Moscow area). Since the late 1950s, the emerging need for a heavy transport helicopter was successfully fulfilled by a fleet of Mi-6 rotorcraft, supported by its derivative, a Mi-10 flying crane. Both helicopters […]

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St. Petersburg is ready to celebrate the Navy Day

by on 19th July 2020 0

While the usual aviation events – as air shows, fairs and open-doors days – are cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak, the parades organized on military holidays are one of the few aviation activities that are still realized. In May, the celebration of the Victory Day in Europe resulted in several attractive aviation flypasts and then […]

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Light and shadow of Jester – a story of Marineflieger P-3C Orion MPA (1)

by on 17th July 2020 0

Already shortly after its creation, the post-World War II German naval aviation (Marineflieger), started to play a significant role within the NATO structure in Northern Europe. Officially established in 1956, the naval aviation arm of Bundeswehr was developed with a considerable assistance of the United Kingdom that offered knowledge, training and also aircraft. The first […]

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