2023 air show season – news and updates (2)

At the beginning of March, we have issued our first article about the air show news and updates for the 2023 season – so it is time to continue that series with further information about the upcoming aviation events.

It is less than two weeks to traditional air show season opener in the Czech Republic, Den ve vzduchu s Plzeňským krajem (Day in the air with Plzeň Region), organized annually at Plasy airfield. Flying display programme for that show was already disclosed by the organizers and it includes a few warbirds from the World War II era (such as Polikarpov Po-2 biplane, Firseler Fi 156 Storch STOL liaison aircraft and AT-6C Harvard trainer), aerobatic displays (Yak-55, Schleicher ASK 21, Martin Šonka, the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team and the Blanix Team), as well as some flying legends (Lockheed L-10A Electra, M-1D Sokol, Bell AH-1S Cobra) and the Czech Air Force displays (PZL W-3A Sokół, JAS-39 Gripen – flypast only). More information about the show can be found at its official website, but we also recommend returning to the 2022 by reading our report from the previous edition of the event.

Although there is still a few official news related to the German armed forces open doors event, Tag der Bundeswehr, many information and rumours are already circulating on the internet. The picture that emerges from them shows this year´s edition is expected to be rather poor, in case to aviation-related offer and comparing to past years.

In reference to the only two aviation-related locations of Tag der Bundeswehr 2023 – Internationales Hubschrauberausbildungszentrum (helicopter training centre) in Bückeburg and Technisches Ausbildungszentrum der Luftwaffe Süd (southern technical training centre) in Kaufberuen – it seems that only the first one would have any displays worth to mention, with almost no aviation activity in Kaufberuen. In addition, it is highly probable this year there will be no spotter day before an official event.

Nevertheless, the above is still based on some unofficial information and may change in the nearest future.

EF 2000 – Tag der Bundeswehr 2016, Neuburg a.D.

The first part of our subjective review of interesting aviation events of the upcoming season covered the shows planned for April to June this year. And this means now it is time to look through the second part of the season, beginning with an air show to be held at the turn of June and July.

The 2023 Battle of Britain Airshow is the one we mean here. The event will take place between 30th June and 2nd July this year at Headcorn Aerodrome in the United Kingdom. Three days of flying and static displays are planned there, starting from the evening show on Friday (air displays starts at 19:00 hours) and then continuing with full day event on Saturday and Sunday (from 10:00 until 17:00 hours).

During the same weekend, on 1st and 2nd July, the Quax association from Germany will organize the traditional biplane meeting at Bienenfarm airfield, wider Berlin area. Stearman and Friends, as the event is officially called, usually gathers more than fifty classic aeroplanes of the American origin.

On 5th July, Koksijde air base in Belgium will open its doors for general public. During the event, flying programme of the Belgian Air Component aircraft is expected, including NH90 SAR demo, F-16 and A109 solo displays, as well as the Red Devils team.

Among the shows scheduled for August 2023, there are three that immediately caught our attention.

ZigAirMeet at Mollis airfield in Switzerland is the first of them. That traditional Swiss aviation event will be held this year on 18th and 19th August, and will be the perfect opportunity to watch aviation displays in the picturesque mountain scenery. List of confirmed participants already looks very impressive and includes Junkers F13, Pilatus PC-7, Swiss Hornet Solo Display Team, the Blanix Team, Dornier Do 27, Lockheed Model 12 Electra Junior, Spitfire and Mustang, as well as Rafale and Typhoon demo teams. The show will be also one of the last opportunities to watch Patrouille Suisse display, as the team is expected to be disbanded next year.

Patrouille Suisse – Flugtage Fricktal-Schupfart, 2018

Next is Bucharest International Air Show, the biggest aviation event in Romania. In 2023, the show will be held on 25th and 26th August, at its traditional location of Bucharest-Băneasa airport. The event is always a great opportunity to watch displays performed by the Romanian Air Force aircraft, as well as by some guests from other NATO countries. It usually offers several aerobatic displays and an attractive and spectacular evening display.

Last but not least, there is another open doors day – Försvarsmaktens flygdag 2023 (the Armed Forces Aviation Day 2023) in Sweden. The event is planned for 26th August at Försvarsmakten Helikopterflottiljen (helicopter air base) in Linköping. Gates of the base will open to general public already at 06:00 hours and the flying programme starts at 07:30 hours. According to the official information released by the Swedish Armed Forces, there are several flying displays planned for the event, including JAS 39 Gripen C/D and E; C-130 Hercules; Helicopter 15 and 16; SK60 and SK40 training aeroplanes; guest appearance of BAe Hawk and NH90 from the Finnish Air Force, as well as historic aircraft such as Spitfire, Mustang, Tunnan, Lansen, Draken, Viggen, Safir and Helicopter 4.

Aviation events scheduled for autumn of 2023, as well as more updates about already mentioned air shows if only available, will be soon presented in the next part of our series.

The Flying Bulls Duo – Plasy air show 2022

Cover photo: Martin Šonka in Extra NG aerobatic special – Plasy air show 2022