23rd October 2020
  • 23rd October 2020

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3 Jul 1933

by on 3rd July 2020 0
The first flight of Tupolev ANT-16 The Tupolev ANT-16, also known as TB-4 by its military designation, was a prototype of heavy bomber developer from Tupolev´s earlier bomber design, TB-3. The ANT-16 was built in the very beginning of 1930’s and followed an idea, that – with regards to the bomber aircraft – size,... Read More

Over the Atlantic Ocean in a suit – Stanisław Skarżyński

by on 17th May 2020 0
Those roaring twenties, the ´golden years´ of aviation… This was a time when aviators outdo themselves, pushing the limits of what is possible. Aviation records were set one after another and reports of new outstanding achievements circulated the media on regular basis. Among those amazing aviation pioneers was a Polish pilot – Stanisław Skarżyński.... Read More
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