21st October 2020
  • 21st October 2020

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From Chapayev´s hat to intercontinental ballistic missile – the Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow

by on 14th August 2020 0
When we talk about Russian military museums, usually Monino and Kubinka are the first that come to mind. And, without a doubt, those two locations are the best known ones, being the ´dream spot´  for every military history enthusiast. However, those two museums are just a tip of the iceberg and there are dozen... Read More

Sukhoi Su-25 UBK

by on 27th April 2019 0
A rare view at the European airshows – the Bulgarian Su-25 UBK – has just arrived at Pardubice, for the static display during the 2012 edition of the Aviation Fair air show The visit of ´095´ aircraft in Pardubice was considered symbolic, as the Su-25s of the Czechoslovak Air Force were stationed at Pardubice... Read More
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