12 June 1909 – the first passenger flight with two passengers

The first passenger flight with two passengers performed by an aeroplane.

The mentioned aircraft was Blériot XII, designed and built by the famous French aviation pioneer Louis Charles Joseph Blériot. He flew this new aeroplane for the first time on 21st May 1909, performing a series of test flights in the following three weeks.

On 12th June 1909, Blériot XII took-off again, but this time, apart from Louis Blériot himself as a pilot, there were also two other people on board. Therefore, the Blériot XII has become the first aeroplane in history, to carry two passengers. It is worth mentioning, that one of those passengers was a Brazilian aviation pioneer, Alberto Santos-Dumont.

Another fact worth mentioning is that three months later, on 28th August 1909, Louis Blériot and his Blériot XII aeroplane won 2nd place in the Gordon Bennett Cup. Then, covering distance of 10 kilometers in 7 minutes and 37,8 seconds and reaching the speed of 77 kmh, the aircraft and its pilot set the new World Record in that category.

Pictured is a flying replica of another aeroplane designed by Louis Blériot, the Blériot XI.