31 March 1990 – first flight of Robinson R44 helicopter

On 31st March 1990, prototype of R44 helicopter performed its maiden flight.

The Robinson R44 was developed in the 1980s by Robinson Helicopter Company. It was based on the manufacturer´s previous successful rotorcraft design, Robinson R22, that was introduced into the market in 1979.

Similarly to its predecessor, the R44 concept was created by Frank Robinson, the American aviation engineer and entrepreneur. The rotorcraft received its first certification in December of 1992 and its deliveries commenced early next year. Shortly after, the R44 became the best-selling general aviation helicopter in the world, with approximately 6,500 examples built until today.

For more information about this design, as well as the story of Frank David Robinson, please check our article issued in November of 2022 – the time the founder of Robinson Helicopter Company and the godfather of popular helicopters passed away, at the age of 92.

Robinson R44 Raven II, Memorial Air Show 2022

Cover photo: Robinson R44 Raven I, Plasy air show 2016