Spacek SD-1 Minisport

Spacek SD-1 Minisport (c/n 241, OK-YUU 72) ultralight, amateur-built sports aircraft, static display during open doors day at Čáslav airbase, May 2023.

Spacek SD-1 is a family of ultralight, one-seat sports aircraft designed by Czech aviation engineer, Igor Špaček. The aircraft is manufactured by Spacek s.r.o. company he founded in 2007 in Hodonin, the Czech Republic, and is available either in the form of plans or broad range of prefabricated kits for self-assembly.

Although the first aeroplane from the SD-1 family was built for private use of Igor Špaček, the aircraft aroused so much interest that it soon entered the ultralight aviation market, quickly achieving commercial success.

The SD-1 aircraft is currently being offered in few variants, featuring conventional or tricycle landing gear, as well as higher cabin hood and longer cockpits for taller pilots (up to 2 meters / 6,6 feet). It can be powered by variety of two-stroke and four-stroke engines, generating 24 to 50 hp. The aeroplane is of mixed, wood and composite construction, with the fuselage and wings covered with plywood.

According to the manufacturer website, the SD-1 meets the requirements of both FAI UL and LSA regulations, as well as the new German ‘up to 120 kg empty weight’ category. In the United Kingdom the aeroplane from Hodonin is now qualified as SSDR (Single Seat DeRegulated) microlight.

The aircraft has maximum take-off weight of 240 kg and can carry a pilot with maximum weight of 105 kg. Depending on the engine, its cruise speed is between 130 and 170 kph. Fuel tank with capacity of 35 litres allows the SD-1 to fly a distance of approximately 600 kilometres.

Spacek s.r.o. offers the aircraft kits through its authorized dealers located in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States. There are approximately fifty aeroplanes of this type already completed and flying worldwide.

The company is also offering a two-seat light aeroplane, SD-2 SportMaster. It is equipped with tricycle undercarriage and can by powered by variety of engines of 65 to 120 hp power range.