Aviation Fair will celebrate the 20th anniversary of CLV Pardubice

During the forthcoming 32nd edition of Aviation Fair (Aviatická pouť) air show, a part of the flying display programme will be performed by pilots from Centrum Leteckého Výcviku (Flight Training Centre – CLV) in Pardubice. The Czech military pilots´ school is a long-term partner and participant of the Aviation Fair. This year, the CLV displays will be marked by celebrating the jubilee of its 20th anniversary.

´Almost every single day, citizens of Pardubice can see the CLV aircraft during their regular training operations. However, the display at the Aviation Fair always goes beyond the everyday routine and reveals much more experience and flying skills of the CLV instructor pilots´, says Jan Rudzinskyj from the Aviation Fair organization committee.

CLV Pardubice was established on 1st January 2024, as a part of state-owned LOM Praha company (Letecké opravny Malešice – Malešice Aviation maintenance plant). Its operational service was officially commenced on 1st April of the same year. At that time, CLV performed its training tasks with only two Mil Mi-2 helicopters.

In the coming years, the CLV aircraft inventory was extended with Albatros L-39 training jets, Zlín Z-142 trainers, LET L-410 Turbolet twin-engine transport aeroplanes and Mi-8 multi-purpose medium helicopters.

In 2016, one example of EV-97 Eurostar ultra-light aircraft was acquired by CLV and since then is primarily used for instructor training flights. Two years later, the Czech flight training school purchased the first Enstrom 480B rotorcraft. In a short time, the new helicopter replaced the Mi-2 in its role of primary rotorcraft trainer. According to the official press releases, the new Czech training jet L-39NG is expected to be acquired by CLV in the near future.

Aero L-39 Albatros / CLV, Aviation Fair 2022

Currently, CLV Pardubice provides the full pilot´s training duties for the Czech Air Force. In addition, the Flight Training Centre is offering its service for foreign military customers. In recent years it provided training for aviators from Poland, Nigeria or Afghanistan.

In 2020, the most famous Czech aerobatic pilot Martin Šonka joined the CLV flight instructors´ team.

´Over the past twenty years, CLV Pardubice was an important partner of the Aviation Fair. And there will be no exception this yearcontinues Rudzinskyj. ´Visitors to our air show will be able to see the entire CLV training fleet on static display. It will include the Enstrom 480B and Mi-17 helicopters, the L-39C Albatros, the Z-142C propeller-powered trainers and the L-410UVP transport aircraft, as well as the EV-97 ultra-light aeroplane.´

An interesting fact is that, apart from its training aircraft fleet, CLV Pardubice also operates a few rare historical aeroplanes, belonging to the Military Historical Institute in Prague. One of them is C-11, the iconic training aircraft from the 1950s based on Yakovlev Yak-11.

This year, the C-11 flying display is included in the flying programme of the Aviation Fair air show, as well as performances of other CLV aeroplanes, the L-39 and the Z-142C. Obviously, the latter will be flown by Martin Šonka, as it slowly becomes another customary display of the Aviation Fair.

The upcoming edition of Aviatická pouť air show will take place on 1st and 2nd June 2024, in Pardubice, the Czech Republic. According to the organizers, its flying programme will last over five hours.

Let C-11 (Yak-11) / CLV – Aviation Fair 2022

Cover photo: Martin Šonka / Zlín Z-142, Aviation Fair 2022