Up to four new Boeing Business Jets

During the 2023 edition of the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Switzerland, the Boeing company announced that up to four Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) were recently ordered by undisclosed VIP customers.

The aforementioned orders include two BBJ 787-8s, one BBJ 737-7 and an option to purchase a BBJ 777-9.

´With the right combination of comfort, performance and best-in-class operating economics, the BBJ family offers VIP customers all the features they are looking for in a business jet,´ said Joe Benson, BBJ president. ´Designed on the platforms of Boeing’s best-selling commercial airframes, customers recognize the value in operating the most reliable and capable jets in the world´, he added.

The BBJ 737-7 has the longest-range amongst non-widebody business jets. The aircraft can fly 6,600 nautical miles (12,200 km) nonstop to connect global hubs such as Geneva and Singapore. With enhanced efficiency, the BBJ 737-7 reduces emissions and fuel use while lowering operating costs.

The BBJ 787-8 is an aircraft that features visionary composite airframe. The business variant of Dreamliner assures fuel savings with a range up to 9,945 nautical miles (18,420 km). Along with improved environmental performance, its lower cabin altitude, increased cabin air humidity and advanced smooth ride technology to counter the effects of turbulence, work together to significantly enhance passenger comfort.

BBJ Max aircraft famil, artist´s rendering (photo: © Boeing)

The BBJ 777-X is the first business jet capable of connecting any two cities in the world nonstop, flying up to 11,025 nautical miles (20,418 km). Engineering design improvements and innovative new technologies, including a new carbon-fibre composite wings and all-new engines, improve environmental performance. Like the BBJ 787 Dreamliner, the BBJ 777-X offers leading-edge cabin comfort technologies.

The BBJ aircraft family is designed to fly upwards of 4,000 hours per year. The jests are being supported by Boeing’s global network of services, parts and maintenance, however they can also be serviced globally with customers benefitting from reduced parts and training costs.

Since its founding in 1996, the Boeing Business Jets division has sold and delivered more than 260 business airliners worldwide. Depending on the customer, the aircraft can be uniquely customized for private, business or governmental use.

Cover photo: Boeing 737-7 Business Jet. All photos © Boeing. Information from the Boeing Company press releases were used.