18th September 2020
  • 18th September 2020

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Flying the impossible – an incredible story of daring flights

by on 25th April 2020 0
Since the beginning of aviation, pulling off the impossible was a quite popular stunt among the pilots. Especially the well-known landmarks were seducing aviators for a spectacular flight around or through them, that could bring popularity and attention. Some of those incredible tricks were carefully planned in advance, but many were done spontaneously. Just... Read More

North American P-51D-25-NA Mustang

by on 2nd July 2019 0
The P-51D Mustang, owned by Wilhelm Heinz from Germany is a frequent participant of the European air shows – only in June 2019, the ´Louisiana Kid´ could be seen in Stalowa Wola, Katowice and Roudnice nad Labem. And this is exactly Roudnice air show, where this photo was taken on 22nd June. The picture... Read More

Mustang will roam over Pardubice again

by on 11th March 2019 0
Flying veterans of the World War II are among the main features of the Aviaticka Pout display programme. This year, the legendary North American P-51D Mustang will again roar over the Pardubice airfield. “From the audience’s feedback in previous years of the Aviation Fair, we know that the performance of the P-51D Mustang as... Read More
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