3rd December 2020
  • 3rd December 2020

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State tests of Mi-26T2V started

by on 28th December 2019 0
Russian Helicopters holding company recently announced that, with the participation of representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defence, the joint state tests of Mi-26T2V heavy-lift military transport helicopter just started and are to last until the end of 2020. The first, modernized, Mi-26T2V rotorcraft was produced in 2018, as a part of Russian Helicopters... Read More

Mi-171A2 helicopter enters new markets

by on 30th November 2019 0
Mi-171A2 multirole helicopter was certified by the Civil Aviation Department of India, that confirmed the new Russian rotorcraft complied with Indian civilian aviation requirements. The certification opens the Indian market for the latest modified helicopter of well-known Mi-17/171 family. The first Mi-171A2 for an Indian customer has already been produced by Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant... Read More

Mi-38 debuting the international market at Dubai Air Show

by on 20th November 2019 0
During the currently ongoing Dubai Airshow 2019, the Russian Helicopters company made the first foreign presentation of its newest Mi-38 civilian helicopter. The rotorcraft featuring a luxury-cabin variant, is not only a part of the static exposition, but also would be presented during the flying display. The first serial-manufactured Mi-38 helicopter was already introduced... Read More

An integration of Mil and Kamov construction bureaus into the National Helicopter Centre

by on 13th October 2019 0
The Board of Directors of Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) has taken a decision to unite JSC ´Mil Moscow Helicopter plant´ and JSC ´Kamov´ to establish JSC ´National Helicopter Centre named after Mikhail Mil and Nikolay Kamov´ (NHC). National Helicopter Centre shall combine the potential of two helicopter design schools... Read More

Russian Helicopters to start additive manufacturing of parts in 2020

by on 18th July 2019 0
In 2019, Russian Helicopters Holding Company is planning to re-engineer approximately 30 different helicopter parts to be manufactured using 3D printing technology and integrate them to serial production starting from 2020. ´This year we are finishing the re-engineering of around 30 different parts and details that will be manufactured using additive technologies. These parts... Read More

Mi-38 tested in extreme conditions

by on 18th July 2019 0
Specialists of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, a subsidiary of the Russian Helicopters holding (part of Rostec) finished a series of Mi-38 flights conducted under the instrument flight rules (IFR), as well as in conditions of extremely high temperature and high altitude. Test results were delivered to the Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviatsiya to... Read More

Russian Helicopters to certify Mi-171A2 in Peru

by on 9th July 2019 0
During the international air show at Le Bourget airport the representatives of the Russian Helicopters Holding Company and United Engine Corporation (both subjects being the part of Rostec State Corporation) held a business meeting with the trade delegation of the General Directorate for Civil Aviation (DGCAP) of Peru. The sides agreed on the procedure... Read More

Rostec to finance civil aviation projects with over $600 million

by on 8th June 2019 0
Novikombank, part of Russia’s State Corporation Rostec, concluded a number of agreements during the XXIII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2019) to finance the holdings of the Corporation’s aviation cluster, namely United Engine Corporation (UEC) and Russian Helicopters. Among key target projects were the modern PD-14 and VK-2500 aircraft engines and a number of... Read More

Mi-171Sh maintenance mobile centre opens in Peru

by on 17th May 2019 0
During the 7th International Exhibition of Technology for Defence and Prevention of Natural Disasters SITDEF-2019 – currently running in Lima, Peru, at the headquarters of the Peruvian Army – the Russian Helicopter holding released the information about the planned service centre to be established in Peru. ´We are working closely with our Peruvian partners... Read More

Mil Mi-14PLMK

by on 7th May 2019 0
Polish Navy Mil Mi-14PLMK (NATO reporting name: Haze) from 44th Naval Air Station – amphibious anti-submarine helicopter developed from the Mi-8. Mi-14PL (Russian: противолодочный – anti-submarine), although developed in the late 1960s and bought in 1981, is still the basic helicopter of the Polish Navy, and the biggest helicopter operated by the Polish armed... Read More
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