17th September 2020
  • 17th September 2020

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Letter from the Editor – August 2020

by on 31st August 2020 0
Dear Friends, Fans and Followers! I have to admit that we were waiting with this – very short – editorial letter until the last minute, but… the great news is already here: yesterday we have reached the milestone of 1,000 fans at our Facebook profile! There is no denying we are all happy about... Read More

Letter from the editor – July 2020

by on 25th July 2020 0
Dear Friends, Fans and Followers! Writing to you in the middle of summer holidays, we usually should be sharing our experiences from the first part of the air show season. But, and regrettably, not this year… And for the obvious reason that everybody knows. However, we were still hoping that the mass events would... Read More

Letter from the Editor – June 2020

by on 5th June 2020 0
Dear Friends, Fans and Followers! A few months ago, at the threshold of the new air show season, we have discussed here our plans for this year. The aviation event calendar for 2020 promised many interesting opportunities, featuring several attractive events as NATO Tiger Meet in Portugal, CROIMAS in Croatia or Danish Air Show.... Read More

Letter from the editor – April 2020

by on 26th April 2020 0
´On this day, in aviation history…´ – this is how usually begins our Facebook post on Friday, when we share with you some interesting facts from the history of aviation. Today, however, we would like to mention a day from the recent history. A day that is very important to us – one year... Read More

Letter from the editor – March 2020

by on 22nd March 2020 0
Dear Readers, Followers and Friends of Afterburner – the Aviation Magazine, At the very beginning I must admit that postponing our monthly editorial letter for March was a purposeful action. I truly believed the news that started to arrive at the end of February were a bit exaggerated and the situation would calm down... Read More

Letter from the editor – February 2020

by on 13th February 2020 0
Dear Readers, Followers, Friends of Afterburner, It seems, as we have celebrated the New Year yesterday, but in fact it was already over a month ago. Yes, time flies fast, there is no denying… As fast as aerobatic champion from Poland, Maciej Pospieszyński in his Extra 330, who is pictured above. The flow of... Read More

Letter from the editor – January 2020

by on 8th January 2020 0
Dear friends and followers! I´m really happy to have a privilege of opening the new year 2020 with my editorial. And it goes without saying that it is a great pleasure to see our project growing and slowly approaching its first anniversary and a milestone of 500 fans on Facebook. ´New year – new... Read More

Letter from the editor – December 2019

by on 16th December 2019 0
December… The smell of mistletoe, pine mixed with the sound of jingle bells, Christmas carols and… song-which-we-all-know-but-rather-not-mention by Wham…  This last month of the year usually makes us stop and think about the passing year – was it good, or just so-so; did we realize all our plans or not? Here, at Afterburner –... Read More

Letter from the editor – November 2019

by on 1st November 2019 0
Dear friends and followers! The autumn season is already here and, fortunately, bringing us some really great and warm ´golden autumn´ days. There is no need to say such days offers us the great opportunity to visit the nearby airfield and use this warm light of the season to take some awesome pictures. Our... Read More

Letter from the editor – September 2019

by on 23rd September 2019 0
Dear friends and followers! Autumn is already here, and this usually means the end of the air show season… In fact, the last weekend – with Athens Flying Week, Duxford Battle of Britain Air Show and Festa al Cel – closed the 2019 season in Europe. There are still a few aviation events scheduled... Read More
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