A question mark over the 2021 air show season

When, in August last year, we have issued our last update on the 2020 air show season and cancellations, there was a hope that this was just a one-time occurrence and things would go back to normal next year. Regrettably, there is still no end in sight, if regarding the coronavirus outbreak and related precautions.

The end of 2020 brought even a strong belief, that Covid-19 epidemic is already overdue. Although the events planned for September and October were both cancelled, held virtually only or even as a real event without any spectators – the dates for 2021 were slowly being announced. And it had to be a perfect season. After a year of fasting, with much more events, as those from 2020 should be added to the usual air show calendar.

Regretfully, as the end of the year drew nearer, the pandemic-related news began to be sadder and more tragic. A few organisers decided to stop the uncertainty and cancelled their events already on the turn of 2020 and 2021 – including Danish Air Show, Paris Air Show and the annual open doors event of the German armed forces.

Others were still waiting for the first months of 2021, in hope for improving the situation. Sadly, things are improving very slowly and in most European countries there is no chance to organize any mass-scale public event in the upcoming months.

Therefore, we have no choice but to inform you about the latest changes in aviation events calendar, in particular concerning the first half of the year. According to official announcements, the below listed air shows and trade fairs were postponed for 2022 or cancelled:


  • Den ve vzduchu s Plzeňským krajem / Plasy Air Day, Czech Republic – cancelled, next edition in 2022
  • Festival letectva Pieštany, Slovakia – cancelled, next edition in 2022
  • EBACE 2021, Switzerland – cancelled, to be held only as virtual event
  • Quax Ostblock-Fly In – cancelled, next edition in 2022
  • Aviatická Pouť / Pardubice Aviation Fair – cancelled, next edition in 2022


  • Kehler Flugtage, Germany – cancelled
  • Laval Aéro Show, France – cancelled
  • Aero Expo, UK – cancelled, next edition in 2022
  • KADEX Defence Expo, Kazakhstan – cancelled, next edition in 2022
  • Kaivari 21 / Kaivopuisto Air Show, Finland – postponed for August 2021
  • Rygge Air Show 2021, Norway – cancelled
  • Tag der Bundeswehr, Germany – cancelled, to be held as online event only
  • Dobový letecký den / Historical Airshow, Czech Republic – cancelled, next edition in 2022
  • Danish Air Show – cancelled
  • Paris Air Show (Le Bourget) – cancelled, next edition in 2023
  • Memorial Air Show, Czech Republic – cancelled, next edition 2022


  • Fête Aérienne Valence Chabeuil, France – cancelled
  • Royal International Air Tattoo – cancelled, next edition 2022
  • Sunderland International Airshow – cancelled


  • Airbourne: Eastbourne International Airshow, UK – cancelled, next edition 2022
  • Flygfesten Dala-Järna – cancelled
  • International Old Timer Fly-in, Belgium – cancelled, next edition 2022
  • Flugtage Dorsten – cancelled, next edition 2022
  • Airshow Breitscheid – cancelled, next edition 2022

On the other hand, the organizers of events located in the countries where – according to official announcements – the coronavirus pandemic is slowing down, are continuing with preparations to their events. The best examples are MAKS-2021 trade show and ARMY-2021 forum in Russia. Nevertheless, as for today, travelling to Russia (and also to many other European countries) for tourist purposes is still forbidden for any foreigners.

North American B-25J ´Mitchell´ / Aviatická pouť 2019