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Russian Army Aviation in Nagorno-Karabakh

by on 27th November 2020 0
As already mentioned in our report from opening an airlift to Armenia, the Russian Army Aviation Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters are included in the peacekeeping deployment to Nagorno-Karabakh. Those helicopters were, just like other military equipment, transferred to Erebuni air base on board of Il-76 and An-124 transport aircraft. The so-called 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war... Read More

Airlift to Armenia – transport operation of the peacekeeping forces to Nagorno-Karabakh

by on 22nd November 2020 0
In recent days, the whole world was watching an armed conflict between Azerbaijan and the self-proclaimed Republic of Artsakh, so-called 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war. Being a relatively short conflict, the war ended up after just six weeks, with signing a ceasefire agreement on 10th November 2020. One of the conditions of the abovementioned agreement was... Read More

Live-fly exercise of the 6th Army

by on 2nd November 2020 0
In the first part of October, a mixed aviation group from the 6th Red Banner Leningrad Army of Air and Air Defence Forces (6-я Краснознамённая Ленинградская армия Военно-воздушных сил и противовоздушной обороны) took part in the large-scale, live-fly exercise organized in the Astrakhan and Voronezh regions. The mixed aviation group deployed for the exercise... Read More

72nd anniversary of Russian Army Aviation

by on 31st October 2020 0
On 28th October, the Russian Army Aviation (AA) celebrated its 72nd anniversary. On this occasion, several official celebrations were observed around the country, as well as the dedicated live-fly trainings. The history of Russian (then Soviet) army aviation dates back to 1948, when the first helicopter squadron was formed at Serpukhov, equipped with ´Omega-3´... Read More

When the sky is not blue – All-weather pilot training (2)

by on 16th October 2020 0
In the middle of this year we have reported about the all-weather training organized for the aviation crews from the Western Military District in Russia. The training, then held in Leningrad Oblast, was performed as the live-fly exercise for the military transport aeroplanes (Tu-134M, An-72, An-12 and An-26) and Mi-8 helicopters. This time, continuing... Read More

Airborne operation at ´Slavic Brotherhood – 2020´ tactical exercise

by on 3rd October 2020 0
An annual, joint tactical exercise ´Slavic Brotherhood – 2020´ was held between 14th and 25th September this year, at Brestsky training ground, located near Brest, the Republic of Belarus. More than 6000 soldiers and 500 vehicles participated in the exercise, coming from the Western Operational Command of Belarus and two units of the Russian... Read More

´Aviadarts-2020´ completed its final stage

by on 25th September 2020 0
The final, international stage of ´Aviadarts-2020´ military aviation competition took place between 23rd August and 5th September. Similarly as in 2019, the contest was organized at Diaghilevo airfield, Ryazan region. More than 40 air crews participated in the current edition of aviation component of the ´Army Games´ competition and although this number was similar... Read More

Russian MoD to receive two Mi-38 helicopters

by on 27th August 2020 0
As announced by the Russian Helicopters company, a contract for supplying two Mi-38 rotorcraft was recently signed by the manufacturer with the Russian Ministry of Defence. The helicopters will be delivered in a passenger variant, with a highly comfortable cabin. An official ceremony of concluding the contract was held in Kubinka, during the International... Read More

From Chapayev´s hat to intercontinental ballistic missile – the Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow

by on 14th August 2020 0
When we talk about Russian military museums, usually Monino and Kubinka are the first that come to mind. And, without a doubt, those two locations are the best known ones, being the ´dream spot´  for every military history enthusiast. However, those two museums are just a tip of the iceberg and there are dozen... Read More
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